Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The importance of Hospital Management in the modern Health care system

In health care industry health management has become the most important necessity of the whole health care system. Not from the patient’s point of view but for their own administration and other activities, this is something which cannot be ignored for proper functioning and offering better facilities for the patients.

Heath care sector is such a huge sector that this cannot be handled by just adopting the simple and the older management techniques which are still in use and thus failing to show effective results in this fast growing industry.

This industry requires expert and professional management system to serve the patients. Health management services act as a link between the healthcare facilities and the whole staff including practitioners and other employees. Therefore this connection has to be strong for smooth functioning of the health care services.

The challenge faced by the health care industry is a major issue regarding providing superior services to the patients.

The hospital industry has also felt the aftermaths of economic lows in recent years. Things such as more affordable services one of the major drawbacks which the industry is facing.

Major factors which require attention are discussed below.

Increasing the Financial budget

Every aspect of this system has to be handled minutely. The system requires identifying, conceptualizing and implementation for quality service and safety to the patients. Financial Budget has to be increased to provide all the facilities which is not possible in limited finances and compels the hospital authorities to offer the services to the patients with not so high qualitative arrangements and other requirements of the patients.

According to the annual survey of the American College of health Care Services regarding problems faced by managers, problem related to finance is the major one.

Employees’ Satisfaction

Then comes the employees’ satisfaction. The manager must motivate the staff and ensure the discipline and responsibility of every employee. Steps must be taken that every employee must do his duty and for that matter, patients should not suffer eventually.

All the aspects whether economical, social or professional, has to be implemented properly so as to provide the best service to the patients and the hospital industry which is entirely dependent upon the patient satisfaction cannot grow further having many loopholes in management system.

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