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SCAM-Janine Zargar-Moshen Zargar-AKZ-Management-SCAM -The Different Types of Health Management Jobs

What is it about management jobs that people are always aspiring towards? Is it the perks that come with the position, such as an attractive pay package, discounts (where applicable), power of authority, challenging goals to reach etc? Whatever the reasons maybe behind people desiring the role of an authoritarian-type role in any business, it is one thing to desire a role and another to actually fulfil the demands of a manager.
For people keen on taking on management jobs will need to take into consideration the varying roles management positions take on. Take for instance management in the retail industry, this role may be very customer-centred and may require plenty of customer interaction, communication amongst people and of course managing staff so that they reach target sales. However, within the retail industry there are different managerial roles for instance assistance managers, duty managers, deputy area managers, area managers and regional managers. Each role is a step up from the other and requires a lot of retail experience for people to move up in the career ladder.
Management within the healthcare industry would be different to that of the retail industry. Healthcare management is an extremely demanding job and requires extensive knowledge of everything medical related. Things like hospital management requires the manager to be on top form when managing staff, keeping on top of medical supplies, working within budgets, monitoring hospital care and patient care, dealing with patient issues, dealing with legal issues, administrating hospitals and healthcare networks, and leadership of healthcare professionals. This is just one aspect of healthcare management and could encompass much more than what is stated above.
Other management jobs could be in a standard corporate environment, whereby the role could be to draw up plans, manage projects, reach to target goals, forecast the financial market in the future, scope competitive companies, predict the target market direction, coming up with marketing strategies and more. Depending on the management jobs you are interested in it could take you a matter of months or years to reach to that level.
The key thing to remember is for you to show tenacity, motivation, working to your own initiative, expert knowledge of the field you intend work in and plenty of experience from working within that industry. People tend not to take on a role without having prior experience in the field that they are going to work in, otherwise they will be faced with a big surprise. Some may be able to take on a completely new role and pick things up quickly without any supervision however not everybody are as gifted and talented as this.
The fact remains for a person to work in a managerial role without having worked in the company they are applying for, they will need to present a resume that exhibits many years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the industry. Most employers will not take the risk of hiring an inexperienced person unless they impress them so much on the day of the interview and can demonstrate a high level of intelligence!
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Friday, 11 November 2011

Importance of training for Paramedics according to Janine Zargar

The paramedic staff forms the backbone of the healthcare industry according toJanine Zargar She is of the view that a well trained Paramedic can save many a lives with his training and experience and can buy time for a critically wounded patient while he is transported to the nearest health care facility available. Paramedics are the first ones to reach a scene of accident or a site that has seen some trauma. Thus its up to the first aid of the paramedic on which hands the life of a wounded person. One wrong move can result in the death of the patient.

Moshen Zargar with Doctors United feels that its of utmost importance for a Paramedic to keep his cool even in the most gruesome scenes of accident. The paramedic should know the Do's and Don’ts while attending to his patients in the most volatile situations.

A paramedic is expected to be well trained in spinal injury management including  immobilization and safe transport of the patient whenever there is a situation that demands a patient to be transported with a spinal injury due to a fall or any other accident. According to Janine Zargar spinal injuries contribute for a majority of permanent disability cases all across the world. If a Paramedic is well trained in managing a situation where a patient is suspected to be suffering from spinal injury the chances of a permanent disability can be reduced to a great extent.

A paramedic should know the priority when there is large number of patients waiting for treatment in an accident involving many people. Janine Zargar feels that a paramedic should be well trained in fracture management, which includes assessment, splinting, and use of traction splints. Thus it is of utmost importance for a paramedic to keep his presence of mind. The future diagnosis and treatment will be based on the observation and report of the paramedic. There are times when a paramedic will be called in during childbirth. The paramedic should be in a position to gauge the situation whether it will be a normal delivery or how fast the patient needs to be in hospital and what treatment needs to be administered in the meantime.

Thus its of utmost importance for a paramedic to be well versed with almost all the spheres of patient care as one never knows what kind of scenario may arise before a paramedic on 911. Janine Zargar feels that it’s the paramedic's presence of mind that will determine the life or death of a patient in times of crisis.

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Monday, 31 October 2011

Current Hospital Management Issues in the US

In the health care industry, hospital management has emerged as one of the most important areas within the industry because, as a discipline, it integrates medical, practical, social, and economic factors in ensuring the smooth and effective management of hospitals as the main sources of health care provision and services. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), there are currently 5,708 registered hospitals throughout the US servicing over 37 million patients in a single year. The logistic requirements of overseeing such a huge sector of the health care industry require expert and professional management.
In addition, the AHA official guide to hospital listing requirements, it states that there must be a chief executive responsible for overseeing hospital operations in accordance with established policy. In this light, it is clear that ensuring the smooth delivery of services to patients entails proper hospital management.
As a discipline, hospital management has faced growing demands for high quality medical care and services, as well as facilities where these shall be undertaken. Hospital management serves as the direct link between healthcare facilities and the practitioners, staff, and companies providing the services and products needed to ensure smooth operation. As a highly demanding field, hospital management has faced several issues in the past. The ongoing search for solutions to improve the delivery of superior services to patients is a challenging and difficult task, especially when one considers the major issues involved.
Financial constraints 
With the economic downturn currently being felt across US industries, hospital management is also reeling from its effects. In fact, according to American College of Healthcare Executives' (ACHE) annual survey regarding issues faced by managers, financial problem is the top issue in hospital management today. Problems such as increased operational costs, the demand for more affordable services, and the like have seriously effected hospital management in unprecedented ways.
Ensuring patient safety and service quality 
Despite the financial considerations, a hospital manager must still ensure that the institution is capable of providing superior services to its patients. This aspect requires continuously identifying, conceptualizing, and implementing systems designed to ensure patient safety and service quality. For example, given the drastic limitations in budget, the dilemma is to provide the same level of service quality and patient safety and security at a lesser cost to the hospital.
Employee Satisfaction 
Apart from the above, third on the list is maintaining employee satisfaction. Given that hospital personnel are on the frontline of service provision, a hospital manager must keep the employees satisfied and motivate them to produce good work. This area requires a review of stress-inducing factors that heighten employee dissatisfaction. Steps must also be taken to address the issue of lack of control over one's duties and work schedules as well as the lack of access to the decision making process involving hospital personnel.
An effective hospital management system is one that expertly integrates various factors-economic, financial, social, and professional considerations-to maintain the quality of service and ensure the overall safety and security of its patients. In order to improve an existing management system, these important factors must be considered and ultimately, be addressed.
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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Use of Hospital Management Software according to Janine Zargar

While managing a hospital one needs to keep sync with almost all factors that are going to affect the working of the hospital. According to Janine Zargar a well known Hospital Administrator at Doctor's United the real problem while dealing with Hospital Management is not the paucity of funds but it’s the right management of the resources available in hand. There are numerous Hospital Management Software’s available in the market that can be used to manage a hospital in the most effective and efficient manner.

According to Moshen Zargar these software’s incorporate features aimed at managing all the aspects of a hospital and cover areas like reception, OPD, inpatients, outpatients, medical records, inventory of medicines and other material, appointments, doctors in charge, scheduling of doctor duties, laboratory and accounts. With such diverse features in single software it is much easier for a Hospital Manager to keep the facility running in order and have the best results out of the existing resources available at hand.

There are many factors that can be managed with ease feels Janine Zargar from her years of experience in the Hospital Management field. She has observed several changes in the working of hospitals with the introduction of these kinds of software’s in the facility. There is a smooth functioning of the reception and the Laboratory and its equipment. The beds and wards can be managed via the system and can the number of beds empty in a particular ward will always be on the tips of the Hospital manager instead of physically counting them one can easily run a query on the system and plan for the future.

The scheduling of doctors and nurses in various departments and be done at anytime and the individual doctors or employees can be informed via a message or the roster that can be circulated in the internal mail system. The accounting system can be enabled to give the exact measure of the incoming and the outgoing revenues. Thus it becomes quite easy for the hospital manager to communicate with the top management or the Promoters about the funding or the profits made by the hospital in a particular period of time.

The inventory of the supplies can be easily managed with hospital management software. Thus it will become much easy for the hospital management to check what is the right time to order for the supplies like medicines or instruments to be used in the Operation Theaters.

Thus Hospital Management Software has almost become a necessity for a health care facility to keep it running smoothly in the long term.

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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Janine Zargar the Role Model for Working Women

Janine Zargar as Vice President of Doctors United, Inc. has worked as the lead administrator for the New York Company since 1998. Janine Zargar has been the guiding force and the leader for this organizations' success in the past few years. Janine Zargar before this was associated with AKZ Management and managed to steer many a success stories over there. She has been a strong willed leader leading by example for her peers and juniors. Supported by her Chiropractor husband Moshen Zargar Janine has come a long way since she accepted the Medical Profession as the path of her life.

The organization Doctors United operates four outpatient treatment centers in underserved areas of New York City and Westchester County these are the areas where maximum Health care facilities are required. Janine Zargar maintains oversight of marketing and public relations duties for Doctors United, while promoting awareness of the medical teams at Doctors United apart from that she is responsible for the range of services they provide at the company’s facilities. Janine Zargar is also responsible for remaining informed about amendments to existing state and federal rules, as well as any new legislation relating to Article 28 facilities.

Janine Zargar believes that community involvement inspires other people to lead and serve, she still maintains an active role in a numerous organizations in New York. Janine Zargar apart from her hectic schedule supports many charitable causes in addition to pursuing a successful high flying career as a well-regarded health care recruiter and hospital administrator. Janine Zargar is closely associated with the American Red Cross, seeking to help people who find themselves in difficult situations as a result of disasters and diseases. Janine Zargar also contributes to organizations that aim to improve the lives of those in their communities, such as the Police Benevolent Association and Wounded Warriors Project. Janine Zargar also donates to Ronald McDonald House Charities, which is committed to providing sanctuary for the families of children with illnesses. Apart from this, she devotes her time and resources to help those in need through The Salvation Army.

Doctors United provides quality health care to people in communities that were previously under served, Janine Zargar knows firsthand just how important it is that people devote their energy to those in need. As a role model Janine Zargar is a perfect manager as she manages her home and work with such ease that it is difficult to find her strained with the work load and the various activities she performs throughout the day.

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Monday, 3 October 2011

Janine Zargar and a career in Hospital management

Hospital Management according to Janine Zargar has become quite a big sector with young and energetic people with excellent track record in academics flocking to it in large numbers. One need not be a hardcore student of medical sciences to pursue this course and make it big in the hospital management scenario but a degree in medical will surely be a shot in the arm for a person trying to get control of a hospital. Janine Zargar believes that managing a hospital is much different from any other organization as the needs and working style in managing a hospital differ clearly from that of a normal organization.

A degree in Hospital management opens up a plethora of opportunities for a person in terms of the avenues and the diversity of opportunities. Some of the fields where a person with an experience and degree in hospital management can expect are Clinics, Consulting firms, Health Insurance Organizations, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Physician practice, Mental health organizations, Public health departments, Rehabilitation centers, Skilled nursing facilities, Universities and research institutions.

According to Janine Zargar managing a health care facility or a hospital is not as easy as it looks there are many aspects in these set ups which need people from non medical backgrounds to keep the show going on. Finance, Marketing, Human resources form the core of any organization and all these have to be managed properly while managing a hospital so that they are at an optimized level and don’t form a hindrance in the growth and day to day working of the hospital.

The Information system, relations with the government bodies, Material management, the interpersonal relationships of the staff, Patient care services along with planning and development all form a part of the KRA's of a hospital manager.

A Hospital Manager like Janine Zargar makes it sure that no aspect of the hospital is left unattended by her. A Hospital manager can also become superintendent and dean of medical departments with substantial responsibilities after required experience. Thus Janine Zargar states that getting into Hospital management does not really require you to be a doctor by profession but one needs to be really committed to his or her work and needs to know al the aspects that go into the working of a Hospital.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Alternative Medicine and Janine Zargar

In the recent times a spurt has been seen in people flocking to alternative medicine therapy centers all across the USA. It has been estimated that one fourth of people with some or the other ailments are turning to alternative therapies like Yoga and acupuncture. There has been a heavy rush of people to the practitioners of acupuncture, chiropractics, Massage therapists, Yoga consultants and other practitioners of alternative medicine and complementary techniques. A new concept that has taken a sudden upward trend is the usage of Ayurveda and Homeopathy (both are ancient modes of treatments).

Another trend has been seen wherein the sale of over the counter medications has increased as compared to the sales of the widely used dietary supplements. Thus people are looking more towards healing rather than to add some additional weight to their bodies. Both these trends point to one common scenario wherein people have become conscious towards their health rather than take in numerous dietary supplements and are ready to experiment provided the results have been proven to be beneficial in the past.

According to Moshen Zargar and Janine Zargar from AKZ Management the trend of chiropractics, deep-tissue Massage and Yoga (to control the body and mind with breathing exercises and other techniques available) is on the increase and more and more people have taken this route to get rid of the most common occurring chronic pains and disorders. Although the increase in Antidepressants is also on the increase with increase anxiety and pressure from the competitive work place scenario.

Back pain, neck pain and spinal disorders have been the most common occurring chronic pains among patients all across the county. Apart from taking the regular medicines prescribed by the physicians chiropractics and deep tissue massage have added to the comfort and reduction in the pain of the patients who have been suffering from these pains from a long time.

Numerous Alternative Medical practitioners have been able to deliver the best results to their patients over a time period. The slow rise in the progress of number of patients in alternative medicine has been attributed to the slow results that are shown by these techniques. It’s not like a painkiller that you have it and the pain dies in couple of minutes. One needs the patience to wait and look for the positive results to come up over a period of time.

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