Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Chiropractic Treatment the main principles

The main focus in a chiropractic treatment is the spinal cord as the philosophy of chiropractics is that all the points of
the human body are connected with the spinal cord. For a Layman this may seem to be something out of the world but for a
person with a limited knowledge of human anatomy it will not be surprise as the Spinal cord is the confluence of all nerves
no matter from where they originate. While undergoing a chiropractic treatment many people don’t really care to check the
other methods available to supplement the treatment in order to get the best results out of this treatment.
Restorative and therapeutic exercises can be a really good mode of supplementing the chiropractic treatment that they are
undergoing or have already undergone. These exercises will strengthen the neck back and other external parts of the patient.

These exercises will surely help the patient in developing healthy joints which in turn will minimize the pain in the joints
and strengthen the muscles. Any chronic damage to the muscles and joints is prevented.
Restorative stretches are employed to prevent the scarring of the tissues. This stretching is even important after the wound
has healed. Traction is used by a lot of chiropractors to sidetrack certain areas in the spine. It also assists in lessening
the pressure on the nerve roots. Apart from this there are certain other techniques which can are quite effective during a
chiro treatment. Muscle motivation is done by placing electrodes on the skin and signals are sent to particular body spots
this is going to help in muscle contraction and keep the muscle active throughout. TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve
Stimulation is a gadget that can be used at home to give small electrical currents to particular muscles.
Hot and cold compress is yet another treatment that has proved to be quite effective in the long run for patients undergoing
chiro. The cold or icy treatment is quite helpful in relieving the pain and immediately after the injury. Hot treatments
maybe given immediately after the cold treatment thus increasing the blood circulation and decreasing the pain. This gives the patients a lot of relief especially those with chronic pains.
A chiropractic practitioner has to take well care of the diet that his patients are having as diet and nutrition play an
important part in the well being of an individual. Thus a well balanced diet will surely make an individual healthy and live
disease free in the long run.
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