Friday, 11 November 2011

Importance of training for Paramedics according to Janine Zargar

The paramedic staff forms the backbone of the healthcare industry according toJanine Zargar She is of the view that a well trained Paramedic can save many a lives with his training and experience and can buy time for a critically wounded patient while he is transported to the nearest health care facility available. Paramedics are the first ones to reach a scene of accident or a site that has seen some trauma. Thus its up to the first aid of the paramedic on which hands the life of a wounded person. One wrong move can result in the death of the patient.

Moshen Zargar with Doctors United feels that its of utmost importance for a Paramedic to keep his cool even in the most gruesome scenes of accident. The paramedic should know the Do's and Don’ts while attending to his patients in the most volatile situations.

A paramedic is expected to be well trained in spinal injury management including  immobilization and safe transport of the patient whenever there is a situation that demands a patient to be transported with a spinal injury due to a fall or any other accident. According to Janine Zargar spinal injuries contribute for a majority of permanent disability cases all across the world. If a Paramedic is well trained in managing a situation where a patient is suspected to be suffering from spinal injury the chances of a permanent disability can be reduced to a great extent.

A paramedic should know the priority when there is large number of patients waiting for treatment in an accident involving many people. Janine Zargar feels that a paramedic should be well trained in fracture management, which includes assessment, splinting, and use of traction splints. Thus it is of utmost importance for a paramedic to keep his presence of mind. The future diagnosis and treatment will be based on the observation and report of the paramedic. There are times when a paramedic will be called in during childbirth. The paramedic should be in a position to gauge the situation whether it will be a normal delivery or how fast the patient needs to be in hospital and what treatment needs to be administered in the meantime.

Thus its of utmost importance for a paramedic to be well versed with almost all the spheres of patient care as one never knows what kind of scenario may arise before a paramedic on 911. Janine Zargar feels that it’s the paramedic's presence of mind that will determine the life or death of a patient in times of crisis.

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