Thursday, 20 October 2011

Janine Zargar the Role Model for Working Women

Janine Zargar as Vice President of Doctors United, Inc. has worked as the lead administrator for the New York Company since 1998. Janine Zargar has been the guiding force and the leader for this organizations' success in the past few years. Janine Zargar before this was associated with AKZ Management and managed to steer many a success stories over there. She has been a strong willed leader leading by example for her peers and juniors. Supported by her Chiropractor husband Moshen Zargar Janine has come a long way since she accepted the Medical Profession as the path of her life.

The organization Doctors United operates four outpatient treatment centers in underserved areas of New York City and Westchester County these are the areas where maximum Health care facilities are required. Janine Zargar maintains oversight of marketing and public relations duties for Doctors United, while promoting awareness of the medical teams at Doctors United apart from that she is responsible for the range of services they provide at the company’s facilities. Janine Zargar is also responsible for remaining informed about amendments to existing state and federal rules, as well as any new legislation relating to Article 28 facilities.

Janine Zargar believes that community involvement inspires other people to lead and serve, she still maintains an active role in a numerous organizations in New York. Janine Zargar apart from her hectic schedule supports many charitable causes in addition to pursuing a successful high flying career as a well-regarded health care recruiter and hospital administrator. Janine Zargar is closely associated with the American Red Cross, seeking to help people who find themselves in difficult situations as a result of disasters and diseases. Janine Zargar also contributes to organizations that aim to improve the lives of those in their communities, such as the Police Benevolent Association and Wounded Warriors Project. Janine Zargar also donates to Ronald McDonald House Charities, which is committed to providing sanctuary for the families of children with illnesses. Apart from this, she devotes her time and resources to help those in need through The Salvation Army.

Doctors United provides quality health care to people in communities that were previously under served, Janine Zargar knows firsthand just how important it is that people devote their energy to those in need. As a role model Janine Zargar is a perfect manager as she manages her home and work with such ease that it is difficult to find her strained with the work load and the various activities she performs throughout the day.

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