Thursday, 27 October 2011

Use of Hospital Management Software according to Janine Zargar

While managing a hospital one needs to keep sync with almost all factors that are going to affect the working of the hospital. According to Janine Zargar a well known Hospital Administrator at Doctor's United the real problem while dealing with Hospital Management is not the paucity of funds but it’s the right management of the resources available in hand. There are numerous Hospital Management Software’s available in the market that can be used to manage a hospital in the most effective and efficient manner.

According to Moshen Zargar these software’s incorporate features aimed at managing all the aspects of a hospital and cover areas like reception, OPD, inpatients, outpatients, medical records, inventory of medicines and other material, appointments, doctors in charge, scheduling of doctor duties, laboratory and accounts. With such diverse features in single software it is much easier for a Hospital Manager to keep the facility running in order and have the best results out of the existing resources available at hand.

There are many factors that can be managed with ease feels Janine Zargar from her years of experience in the Hospital Management field. She has observed several changes in the working of hospitals with the introduction of these kinds of software’s in the facility. There is a smooth functioning of the reception and the Laboratory and its equipment. The beds and wards can be managed via the system and can the number of beds empty in a particular ward will always be on the tips of the Hospital manager instead of physically counting them one can easily run a query on the system and plan for the future.

The scheduling of doctors and nurses in various departments and be done at anytime and the individual doctors or employees can be informed via a message or the roster that can be circulated in the internal mail system. The accounting system can be enabled to give the exact measure of the incoming and the outgoing revenues. Thus it becomes quite easy for the hospital manager to communicate with the top management or the Promoters about the funding or the profits made by the hospital in a particular period of time.

The inventory of the supplies can be easily managed with hospital management software. Thus it will become much easy for the hospital management to check what is the right time to order for the supplies like medicines or instruments to be used in the Operation Theaters.

Thus Hospital Management Software has almost become a necessity for a health care facility to keep it running smoothly in the long term.

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